I am a peanut nut. Does that make me a monkey? Hope not. I also love peanut butter ( nobody else in the family shares that love). I like my peanut butter a little chunky but you don’t get it often in India. So I decided to make it at home and it turned out to be super easy.  But why should you make peanut butter at home when you can buy it at a store ?


Here is the case for making Peanut Butter at home

Super easy to make at home

The only two things that you need to make peanut butter are peanuts ( dry roasted on oven or gas oven ) and a mixer/food processor.

No added sugar

Once you have made peanut butter at home you will realise that peanut has a sweet taste. Depending on how sweet you like your peanut butter you may not have to add any sweet

No added hydrogenated oil 

If  you do not  live under a rock  you might know  by now that hydrogenated oil is harmful to you. In case you want to read more on hydrogenated oil here is a link. In commercially produced peanut butter hydrogenated oil is added to make it smoother and also prevent separation of While making peanut butter at home, you can add non-hydrogenated cooking oil (preferably olive oil) or no oil at all. The peanuts by themselves are oily and on being ground

No added Preservatives

Store bought peanut butter generally contains preservatives mostly benzoic acid (active ingredient).  Side effects of the benzoic acid include gastrointestinal irritation, asthma, rashes and itching and skin irritation. Though these preservatives are in trace quantities it is best to eat food that does not contain preservatives.

peanut butter 6

Storing Homemade Peanut Butter

As no preservatives are added and given the heat and humidity in most parts of India it is advisable to store the peanut butter in an airtight container. And finish within 2 months or so.