You can trust us Bengalis to mix veggies and non veg in the most delectable way. This recipe is an old favourite. When ever I think of Lau Chingri I always think about the old Gopal  Bahr story where he cons his aunt by mixing shrimps to niramish (vegetarian)  Lauer Tarkari (curry). I thought of the story again this time (and made a note to share with my kids), when I  decided to make Lau Chingri. My husband and daughter loves prawn ( big, small,size doesn’t matter). The only reason that we don’t cook this dish as often is I find de-vein ing shrimps or small prawns very time consuming and unpleasant ( to put it mildly).   I  think that this recipe like so many other Bengali recipes provide a clever way to mix veg and non veg. Humble bottle gourd is  a very good source of vitamin C, zinc and copper.  This is one of those vegetables that will keep you cool in this summer heat. Shrimps like we all know is a good and tasty source of protein, but shrimps are also a good source of omega 6 fatty acid,  selenium and vitamin B12.