About Us

Hey You,

We are just so glad that someone wants to know about us.

I – Atrai, have not met anyone who does not love food. But most people, still feel hassled by planning and deciding the everyday menu. And god bless if anyone in the family has a medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc. Can we do something that makes everyday planning and home cooking more fun, help us eat healthy and decide on the right ingredients?   We at Plan Eat Repeat believe that the answer is yes. A tall order but definitely doable – with a little help from technology, well-trained dietitians and a dash of motivation.  So in this website you will find recipes, health guides, a recipe saver, menu planner.  We also plan to introduce customised diet plans for various medical conditions, pre and post natal diet plans.

I was also helped by Moumita in the initial stages of the website. Did you just ask who are you both ? Well, we are engineers ( I know how boring!) and we went to the same college two years apart. We met, ragged juniors, had fun and ate super sad canteen food. And then life happened and we went different ways. 10 years and a chance meeting later we realized that it might be fun to do something together.

As we set sail on this journey hang on with us and together( you and us ) we will learn to eat better, feel better and live better.


Atrai and Team Plan Eat Repeat